Luxury wine marketing in Australia : webinar by AWRI and key findings

I’m pleased to share this recent webinar by the Australian Wine & Research Institute dealing with the key issues that face Australian winemakers when focusing or developing a luxury wine marketing approach. No doubt some of these challenges are also true to many old world European producers, or many beverage industries (craft beer, spirits, cider..).

A luxury marketing approach is a long term process involving all human ressources from a winery (viticulture, winemaking, sales, cellar doors, marketing), working all hand in hand towards a same goal combining business performance and customer satisfaction.

Gregoire PATACQ from AWRI stresses 7 driving forces towards a successful global luxury brand positioning. He makes a very strong point advocating the need for more and better innovation as a new and strategic driving factor. See here his article on LinkedIn regarding wine in innovation.

Luxury wine marketing Australia by AWRI

I think this webinar clearly asks the right questions and opens the road for many interesting ideas. Will the winemakers from Australia embrace this challenge? Time will tell.

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