These projects help Jean-David develop new expertises and networks that make Monogramme’s savoir-faire unique and always benefit our customers’ own projects.

Cidrerie Eclectik, Beaune, 2021

Craft ciders in Burgundy inspired by grands vins and a very singular technical approach? Yes !

Crackers Rebon, Québec, Canada, 2020

Up-cycling cereals from the beer-brewing process into yummy yet healthy crackers is our modest contribution to a better planet.

Brasserie Maltstrom, Québec, Canada, 2016

In the north of Montreal, we brew tasty and creative lagers.

Hospices-Beaune.com, 2009

Since 2009, together with maison Albert Bichot, we make Hospices de Beaune wines accessible


We invested in several startups in wine, cider or snacking and help them in their growth beyond the sheer financial support.