Cuvées parcellaires packaging design

Client: Champagne Lallier

Francis Tribaut created with the family Domaine a new range of 3 parcellaire Champagne, based on a single vineyard plot and entrusted us with their packaging design.

Three “Vins de Champagne” that truely reflect the terroir they are born from

A true reflection of their terroir, the range is composed of 2 single-vineyards Grand Cru (Les Sous in Pinot Noir and Loridon in Chardonnay from the village of Aÿ-Champagne) as well as Ouvrage, a specific assemblage of 2 single vineyards

Our design is all about purity and elegance with a finely texture paper. Each label is subtle with an embossing based on the real map of the plot.