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Formerly known as Château de Santenay, Domaine du Château Philippe le Hardi – owned by CA Grands Crus –  trusted our agency to define its brand DNA and mission through a complete brand platform, nourrished by the unique history of the Domaine, once owned by Duke of Burgundy Philippe le Hardi, and the vision of what must be a contemporary Domaine in Bourgogne.
After this first mission that spanned over several months, Monogramme also designed a new brand identity and packaging for the domaine. The brand positionning is therefore expressed with a strong coherence through several elements with a strong personnality :
• First a brand crest hand-drawn by a specialist according to the heraldic rules from the Middle-Ages
• On the bottles, new labels are both classic expression of Burgundy heritage and refinement, mirroring the wines’ elegance. Combining delicate gothic types and the subtle embossment of a tailor-made brand shield allow to position the Domaine as an exceptional pilar of Burgundy wines.
Beyond the design of more than 50 wines, Monogramme also designed specific looks for key products such as a sparkling Crémant de Bourgogne and a signature Bourgogne Pinot Noir L’Ordonnance, whose label echoes Philippe le Hardi’s ordinance in 1395 that is the birthday of single varietal Burgundy viticulture.
Finally Monogramme was chosen for all copy materials (press folder, brochures) and graphic design, including a tailor-made map and key visuals.
Jean-Philippe Archambaud, MD of the Domaine testifies: “Jean-David Camus perfectly understood what was at stake and answered with a strong methodology and great creativity to our ambitions. in a very short time frame. I particularly appreciate the coherence between Monogramme’s strategic thinking and the design on all packaging and communication material.”


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